Tractor Mounted Combine Harvester

The Arjun Novo’s new generation engine with a high PTO power of 50 hp ensures better cutting of grain from the stalk and enhances productivity.


Straw Reaper

The highest in-category PTO powers of 50 hp, along with optimum forward speeds contribute to a faster post- harvest process with optimum cutting of thrash.


Potato Planter and Diggers

An adjustable rear and front track width, greater hydraulic sensitivity and high lift capacity for heavy implements facilitate a uniform depth of potato planting and cutting. This enhances overall crop quality and productivity.



An optimum speed and high PTO power of 50 hp ensure better soil pulverization, a uniform depth of rotavation and optimum tractor loading with maximum mileage.



The Arjun Novo’s high PTO power and fuel efficiency assist deeper soil cuts during land preparation.