Mahindra Digisense

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What is Digisense?

Presenting Digisense - a smart technology solution, which enables Mahindra tractor owners to be in complete control of their tractors 24x7 through the simple touch of a Smartphone.

It empowers customers to track, receive alerts & monitor health of their tractors anytime, anywhere, enabling them to improve productivity and profitability. DigiSense truly stands testimony to Mahindra's commitment of designing Technology for Progress.

Track your tractor

  • Live Tracking
  • Geo Fence Creation
    And Mapping
  • Vehicle Status
Digisense Mahindra Arjun - Live Tracking

The Live Tracking feature allows one to track the vehicle's exact location on the map

Digisense Mahindra Arjun - Geofencing

This feature enables to track and set boundaries for the tractor within a defined area and send alerts when it tresspasses the designated boundary.

Tractor Status with Mahindra Digisense

Stay updated on the tractor's status - whether idle or running, at any point of time.


Tractor Health Monitor

  • Engine Running Hours Daily/Cumulative
  • PTO Running Hours Daily
  • Vehicle Speed
Mahindra Digisense - Engine Running Hours
Engine Running Hours Daily/Cumulative

Get access to data on Engine running hours on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Mahindra Digisense - PTO Running Hours
PTO Running Hours Daily

Get access to data on PTO running hours on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis

Monitor Vehicle Speed with Digisense
Vehicle Speed

The Vehicle Speed feature monitors the speed of the tractor . This is helpful in the haulage application to calculate the average speed and hence time to reach the mill

To access Digisense and get live updates on your tractor, download our app.
Available on: Google Play