What is Digisense?

DigiSense is a cutting-edge technology that enables farmers to stay connected to their tractors anytime, anywhere through a simple touch of a smartphone.

It empowers farmers to track the location of their tractor, receive alerts in case of tractor abuse and monitor health of the tractor through regular reports, enabling them to improve performance, productivity and profitability.

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Live Tracking

This feature allows customers to track their vehicle's exact location on the map.

Geo Fence creation & Mapping

Track and set boundaries for the tractor within a defined area. This feature sends alerts when it trespasses the designated boundary.

Vehicle Status

Check whether the tractor is idle or running, at any given point in time.

Battery not Charging

An instant alert is sent out when the tractor battery is critically low, enabling one to take preventive action and continue working.

Low Fuel

An instant alert is sent out when the tractor's fuel is low, enabling a customer to refuel in time. This ensures work continues non-stop.

Air Filter Clog

Get notified whenever the tractor's air filter is clogged. With this alert, customers exactly know when to stop the tractor and check the air cleaner to maintain engine safety.

High Engine Temperature

This alert is sent when the engine overheats. It also recommends to add coolant in the radiator for smooth functioning. This helps increase the engine’s life without increasing maintenance cost.

Clutch Over Ride

A notification is sent when the clutch pedal is kept pressed for a long time. This enables customers to monitor the excessive use of half clutch operation, thereby preventing the wear and tear of the clutch plate.

Engine Running Hours Daily/Cumulative

Access data on engine running hours on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

PTO Running Hours Daily

Access data on PTO running hours on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

To access Digisense and get live updates on your tractor, download our app.

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