Tomorrow's technology arrives today.

  • The Arjun Novo's high PTO power enables it to pull even the heaviest of implements with complete ease.

  • Arjun Novo delivers maximum power during extreme loading, without compromising on mileage.

  • Enjoy maximum mileage from the Arjun Novo's high cubic capacity engine of 3531cc along with an optimized rated speed of 2100 rpm and inline fuelling pump.

Reversing now quicker and easier

Mahindra Arjun Novo Shuttle Shift

Designed to enable quick progress in agri handling conditions, shuttle shift is a single lever to reverse the tractor at the same speed. It enables easy and comfortable operations for long hours and comes with a speed range of 1.69(min)-33.23(max).

Shift. And it will make anything happen.

The Arjun Novo can successfully perform a broad range of farming applications, with new high-medium-low transmission system and 15F+3R gears that offer 7 additional unique speeds.

Every gear shift is a smooth one.

The Arjun Novo boasts of synchromesh transmission that guarantees smooth gear changes and comfortable driving.

A guide plate ensures that the gear lever always stays in the straight line groove for timely and accurate gear changes.

Level of precision? Unmatched.

The Arjun Novo comes with a fast-response hydraulic system that detects changes in soil condition for precise lifting and lowering in to order to maintain a uniform soil depth.

Stops exactly when you want it to.

Experience anti-skid braking, even at higher speeds, with the Arjun Novo's superior ball and ramp technology braking system. The 3 brakes on either side of the tractor and a large braking surface area of 1252 cm2 ensure smooth braking.

Clutch failure? A problem of the past.

With a 306 cm clutch that is the largest in its category, the Arjun Novo enables effortless clutch operation and minimizes clutch wear and tear.

Keep cool no matter what the season.

The Arjun Novo's high operator seating channelizes the hot air from the engine to escape from below the tractor so that the operator can enjoy a heat-free sitting environment.

An economic PTO mode to save more fuel.

The Arjun Novo allows the operator to save maximum fuel by choosing the economy PTO mode during times of low power requirement.

An air filter with zero choking.

The Arjun Novo's air cleaner is the biggest in its category which prevents choking of the air filter and guarantees hassle-free operation of the tractor, even during dusty applications.

Tear up unforgiving terrains with utmost convenience.​

  • Digital Instrument Cluster With Auto Diagnostic Indicators

  • Two Tone Colour Battery Box

  • Car-like Combination Switch

Save more with longer time intervals between two service sessions.

The enhanced oil filtration of the new generation Arjun Novo engine will ensure that the time interval between one servicing session and the other increases, thereby helping you save money in the long run.

A quick recap

  • New generation engine with triple advantage
  • Low-medium-high transmission with 7 additional speeds.
  • Guide Shift Technology
  • Fast Response Hydraulics
  • Ball and ramp technology brake system
  • Greater clutch size
  • Heat-free sitting environment
  • Economy PTO
  • Biggest air cleaner
  • Longer service intervals